Chemical Peels, Facial Peels

Chemical Peels help treat and address skin conditions that affect the superficial layer of the skin. They provide a chemical exfoliation of the skin and can be customized to any skin type and many different skin concerns. The results are fresher, glowing skin.
Chemical Peels may be used to treat acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and superficial melasma. Chemical Peels are also effective for “anti-ageing” and maintenance of healthy skin and the peels can be modified to suit all skin types and most skin conditions.



Chemical Peels involve the application of an active solution, or combination of solutions, to the skin. The active ingredient exfoliates the dead, sloughed, superficial skin to allow more vibrant skin underneath to emerge.

There are several medical grade Chemical Peels provided at Women Imagine &Aestic Center which can treat a variety of skin concerns. These peels can only be used under the supervision of a physician, and can provide excellent results either alone or when done in combination with appropriate skin care or other treatments.
Come in for a complimentary consultation and see what a positive difference Chemical Peels can make for you.

Vascular Lesions (Redness)

Sun Damaged Skin

Lines & Wrinkles


Aging Skin

Aging hands

Pigmented Lesions (Brown Spots)

Looking Tired, Old, or Stressed

Sensitive Skin

Crepey Skin

Active Acne

Acne Scars



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